Perry Piñón — El Paso’s Employment Attorney

The Law Office of Perry Piñón focuses on representing individuals in employment law, personal injury, and civil rights litigation. Since Mr. Piñón handles cases personally, he keeps his clients abreast of all developments in the case. Mr. Piñón will be devoted to his client's case from beginning to end. Trust can make or break a case. Since he understands trust is the key to a successful client-lawyer relationship, he offers his trust to his clients. Most cases are accepted on a contingency fee basis, meaning clients do not pay an attorney fee unless the client recovers compensation from the harming party.

The Law Office of Perry Piñón was founded to represent individuals in employment law litigation. As an employment attorney, Mr. Piñón has represented clients in cases asserting race, color, sex, pregnancy, national origin, disability, as well as age discrimination. Often his clients’ discrimination cases also include claims of harassment, and retaliation for opposing the discrimination. Mr. Piñón has represented clients in whistleblower cases relying on various statutes. In some cases, Mr. Piñón has also asserted the Texas common law cause of action of wrongful discharge for refusing to perform an illegal act. Mr. Piñón also has experience representing clients in Family and Medical Leave Act cases and cases asserting violations of USERRA, (Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act.)

Personal Injury — Representing Victims of Negligence and Intentional Acts

The Law Office of Perry Piñón has represented clients in personal injury cases. Mr. Piñón proudly offers reliable legal representation for the El Paso Community. Persons injured by the negligence or intentional acts of others need representation. Mr. Piñón can help victims of personal injury. Mr. Piñón has also represented clients in personal injury cases resulting from auto accidents, slip and falls, other negligent acts, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, and assaults.

Expanding to Represent Victims of Other Civil Rights Violations

The Law Office of Perry Piñón also represents individuals in employment law civil rights cases. In the past, Mr. Piñón defended the City of El Paso in Section 1983 civil rights cases. Section 1983 provides a remedy to individuals against government and government officials for violations of rights established under the U.S. Constitution or federal laws.

Mr. Piñón is also expanding his practice to include representing individuals in cases against governments for deprivation of civil rights including life, liberty, due process, and equal protection of the laws. These cases can include false arrest, malicious prosecution, excessive use of force, as well as deliberate indifference to prisoner's’ serious medical needs.

Get the Legal Assistance You Deserve

These types of legal cases must be treated with the highest level of care and expertise. When it comes to the rights of the people, they must have as much protection as possible. Victims should team up with an experienced employment attorney who can fix legal issues. The Law Office of Perry Piñón offers clients not only what they require, but what they deserve. For more information about the different legal cases handled by Mr. Perry Piñón, contact the Law Office of Perry Piñón offices today.