You collect lots of data about running your business.

That data should provide actionable intelligence to help
you run your business more effectively.

At Pangaea, we solve the four most common problems preventing
you from getting the most value out of your data:



You collect more data every day, but are you collecting the right information to help drive your business decisions?

Our experienced Business Analysts take the time to understand your business processes and to identify gaps in the data you currently collect.  

Together, we will develop a process to fill your data gaps through interfacing with your existing systems and developing custom web or mobile applications to bring this data in. 


Data Fragmentation

Your business is complex and uses many different information systems, but do those systems generate data that works together?

Our knowledgeable Data Analysts review all of the data that you collect and identify how to combine it into a unified and maintainable data warehouse.

Together, we will increase the value of your data through intelligent cross-referencing and integration with relevant external data sources, such as geospatial data sets.

Data Overload

You shouldn't have to hire a team of statisticians every time you want to ask a question of your data.

We utilize advanced technologies in artificial intelligence, statistical analysis, natural language processing, and data science to power your custom decision support system.

Together, we will develop data visualizations, customized report generation and real-time notifications to give you actionable intelligence based directly on your data.


Data Management

You shouldn't have to know how to program a database in order to manage your data.

Whether you have a few spreadsheets, or terabytes of complex data, our team of Software Developers will create the right solution to give you and your team access to it all.

Together, we will design custom, modern and intuitive web and mobile applications which support your existing business processes and give you back control over your data.

At Pangaea, we develop customized data-driven applications to give our customers actionable intelligence so they can make informed decisions and run their businesses more effectively.


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